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About Us

Whistle for Nature Reconciliation we are non-profit organization operate in Tanzania mainland our main goal is to attain and improve human lifestyle by enhancing environment protection.


For over 7 years, WNR has been committed to protecting the lifestyles and the environment for the future of for those in needs. From our founders Ms. Deliqueen Lyimo, Dickson Mwinuka and Elizabeth Exaud who has been using their pocket money to establish the office and seek for donations from various Donors to support the needs in Tanzania mailand. Since then the Organization continues to improve.


To attain improved human lifestyle by enhancing environment protection.


We are dedicated to social and nature improvement that fosters sustainable, social and economic development.


Whistle for nature Reconciliation is coordinated by over 20+ staff members in Tanzania mainland. Our staff shepherd funds from more than 50  generous supporters into programmes that serves over 500 vulnerable women and their families.

Whistle for Nature reconciliation consists of one national office located in Musoma, Mara in Tanzania to serve our mission.

Established in 2016, Whistle for nature Reconciliation provides national coordination for the partneship and ensures that national standards  and policies are pursued and serves as an implementing entity in the country.

Our national coordination functions are referred to as National centre. Staff in the National centre work around the Tanzania Mainland with the President and many other senior officers located near Musoma. 

Our support office fundraise to support WNR all over the country. 

Our programmes are implemented locally by field offices that coordinate local agencies and community members, inspiring them to come alongside and experience the joy of transforming vulnerable groups.


Hello, I’m Dickson Yohana Mwinuka the President and Chairperson of Whistle for Nature reconciliation. I have served this Organization for five years in senior positions. Whistle for Nature reconciliation has honored me by asking me to lead this organization.

As a proud sponsor to my family I have learned the importance of being part of Whistle for nature reconciliation mission. As I’ve been given multiple opportunities to witness the global impact first hand, I’m particularly impressed by the approach to development and relief. It is the perfect mix of professionalism and relational. 

For nearly 5 years Whistle for nature reconciliation has been helping to address poverty to the vulnerable groups in Tanzania mainland. We hope to extend to other countries in Africa in the future too.

Among our 20 staff we have leading experts in violence against women, health, education, conservation, access to land and resources, human rights, water, agriculture and clean energy. Five volunteers help us to implement our projects on a daily basis.

Our grass roots approach to change allows us to know the people, problems, and the potential of the community we serve. Wherever we go, we act and feel like a local non governmental organization.  Our staff live within the community and learn all the hopes and challenges each community faces and its easier for us to raise issues.

Our promise to the World is to serve the vulnerable groups in the community for the better world.

Our staff constantly shares hope to a brighter future to the world by protecting the needs from long lasting problems they are facing.

You have a decision to make, will you be one of those people? I hope so, because I am exited about the many opportunities we have to stand with people whose voices go unheard these days, especially women.

This is Whistle for nature Reconciliation.


  1. Addressing climate change.
  2. Advocating forest protection.
  3. To address socio-economic inequality and violence against women.
  4. Securing land ownership rights and promoting well-being of the community.
  5. Enhancing natural resources protection.

Meet our team

Our team is comprised of visionary, experienced & passionate leaders dedicated to the success of organisation and deliver changes in our communities